Top-down Snooker and Pool simulation
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Practice your Snooker and Pool skills in a 2D environment. Be careful when aiming and hitting as the game's physics are realistic and the pockets are as unforgiving as the ones on a real Snooker table.

Snooker147 1.3 is a 2D snooker simulation for Windows.
This game comes bundled with Poolster, a pool simulator.

This two games were shareware for ten years, but now they´re both free.

In this game, you must hit a ball with the white ball. Sometimes the color of the ball you must hit with the white ball is different than the color of the balls you will need to put into the holes.

This will be indicated in the lower left side of the screen for each turn. First Contact will be the ball to hit, Go For the ball to put into the hole.

You can indicate the strength of your shooting by moving the indicator in the lower part of the screen. You can also choose where to hit the cue ball by indicating that on the white ball placed on the lower right end of the screen.

The player that throws a ball legally into the hole has the right to shoot again. If he misses, it will be the turn of the other player. Throwing the cue ball into the hole is a fault.

You can choose the level of the computer player.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s an addictive game


  • Its graphics are very basic, since it´s quite an old game
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